So it’s finally warming up in Sydney and I’m spending more time outdoors in the evenings. But so are the mosquitoes! So I decided to make use of the growing collection of jars under my sink and turn them into citronella tealight holders. I’ve seen heaps of photos around recently of jars covered with doilies—and I love them! But I wanted something a bit more permanent, something that could stay outdoors or in my shed, something that wouldn’t ruin my doilies! They are pretty simple to make, here’s how I did it:

I found some empty jars and gave them a wipe with oil and grease remover. I discovered (the hard way!) that using larger jars was better as the smaller jars got hotter and were harder to move around once the candles were alight.

Next I stuck the lace to the jar with spray adhesive and gave it a coat of primer. I’m sure there is probably paint available that will adhere directly to glass (this would save having to prime the glass first) but I just used what I already had.

And once the primer was dry I gave them a coat of black paint and peeled the lace off once it was dry enough to touch. I really wanted the lace pattern to be visible and thought black was the best way to achieve this but you could use any colour, or white for a more subtle effect. I also kept the lids so that when not in use I can pop them back on and they won’t fill up with dust, leaves or spiders!

Pretty, huh?