I am a visual artist based in Wellington, New Zealand, with a penchant for pastels, patterns, print-making and pictures. 

Originally from Western Australia, I have a Grad. Dip in Photomedia from ECU and a Masters Degree in Art (printmaking) from UNSWAAD (formerly COFA). With a background in design, my work is comprised of photography, illustration, graphic and textile design. 

Calling a new city home every few years has created a need to explore and record my environment, either with a camera or a pencil.  With photography I’m drawn to mundane, everyday scenes that are devoid of superfluous detail and often go unnoticed by the passerby. I use unexpected colours to evoke a playful sense of serenity. My illustrations are usually the opposite, full of lines, inviting the viewer to inspect more closely. In contrast to surveying the built environment I am also drawn to botanical motifs and patterns in nature.